Rick Stebbins Performance Therapy Center

A Sports Performance Center and Fitness Facility

  • Trainers Welcome - Bring Your Clients
  • Members Available - Individual, Corporate, Sports Teams,/Clubs

  • Whether you are a trainer looking for a facility with a great mix of training tools, or an individual who needs a variety of training methods to achieve your goals, RSPT is designed to be your "Personal" Sports Performance Center and Fitness Facility.

    We have a unique combination of equipment and dedicated performance areas to optimize your performance and fitness training.


Trainers Welcome

Bring your clients and pay an hourly fee to use the entire facility

Performance Therapy Video

“The Vertical Method” – UNLEASH THE BEAST!!

"The Vertical Method" – UNLEASH THE BEAST!!The Vertical Method of Olympic Weightlifting, designed by Rick Stebbins PT, CSCS, USAW, encompasses the teaching of technique, as well as the understanding of Mobility/Stability assessment and correction, to optimize efficient weightlifting through maximizing vertical movement of the bar and minimizing “bumping”

It incorporates learning common key positions that all great weightlifters (Chinese, Russian, European) assume consistently during the lifts. Read more...

Training Tips

Golf Hip Drive

This is a great teaching drill video to improve hip drive in golf!

Hamstring Stretching

This is a great instructional video for Stretching your Hamstrings!